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“My values are built on more than just the ability to do my job; trust and diligence play a crucial role.”

Why Waverly Partners?

WAVERLY PARTNERS brings a rich background of professional experience to every executive search. Among our Managing Directors, you'll find former senior-level managers who served as CEOs, COOs, CFOs and other key roles in diverse fields such as financial services, manufacturing, accounting, technology, entrepreneurship and corporate law.

We have a long history of service on boards of significant private companies and nonprofit organizations. Many of our Managing Directors have held leadership positions with well-known retained executive search firms. We have hard-earned, first-hand experience with our clients' needs on both strategic and operational levels. We strive to know your organization and help hire the best executive talent.

WAVERLY PARTNERS is uniquely positioned to provide outstanding executive search services and offer our clients significant strengths on each project:

National Presence/Geographic Scope
Our consultants are located in strategically distinct regional markets across the country, serving a global client base. We are familiar with both the economies and cultures in a variety of communities and effectively articulate quality of life benefits to candidates.

We approach each project based on our client's unique needs and situation. We work as effectively with a single hiring authority as we do a large search committee.

Optimally Sized
WAVERLY PARTNERS is large enough to employ a team of functional and industry specialists who can conduct diverse, national assignments, but not so large that candidate blockage or "off limits" is an issue. We have a preference and reputation for establishing deep, long-term partnerships with fewer clients.

Search Execution
We generally have two Managing Directors on each assignment. We assemble our consultant team based on industry familiarity, functional expertise and geography. Our Managing Directors "own" the search process from start to finish, partnering with client representatives on the engagement. Unlike other search firms, WAVERLY PARTNERS does not employ junior associates.

Commitment to Diversity
In today's global marketplace, executive leadership teams require diversity of backgrounds and diversity of thought. WAVERLY PARTNERS has a demonstrated commitment to diversity and make every effort to identify and recruit qualified, well-rounded candidates for our clients utilizing a variety of sources and contacts on a local, regional and national basis.

Research Focus
We begin each client project with original research, which contrasts with other search firms who rely heavily on their "traditional network" and stagnant/archival database to identify candidates.

Reputation in the Marketplace
Due to our conscientious approach and industry credibility, candidates and sources take our calls and listen to us. Simply stated, candidates place a high value in the opinion of WAVERLY PARTNERS' consultants when discussing or accepting positions.

Performance-Driven Pricing and Guarantee
Our professional fees are performance driven. After payment of an initial retainer, clients are billed only as mutually agreed upon project milestones are met. We also offer a one-year guarantee on the success of the finalist candidate.

Commitment and Follow-Up
We are involved in all facets of the hiring process, including compensation negotiation, references and academic credential verification and other related research to ensure closure on the primary candidate. In addition, WAVERLY PARTNERS' consultants maintain communication with the successful finalist and hiring manager throughout the first three, six and 12 months to help ensure a smooth transition.